March 18
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March 18, 2019

Dear Mario Luca Giusti Customer;

Please see attached an updated brochure.

In the new brochure you will see five new collections which we will be stocking as of June. Those collections are;




4)Forte Dei Marmi

5)Gulli Inverso

Should you require any printed brochures, please reach out to Alyssa at and she will send them to you.

We also invite you to visit us in our New York showroom at 41 Madison during the NY Tabletop Show in April or the NOW Gift Show in August. We will also show the full collection during the Atlanta Gift Show at the Chris Rosse showroom and in Dallas at the Dallas Gift Show in the Wm. M. Lamont showroom.

We look forward to serving your needs.


Tim DeVine

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