October 2, 2018
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October 2, 2018

New Autumn 2018 Giftware launched by Royal Crown Derby
Dear Retailers,
Royal Crown Derby is delighted to present the new Rallidae as part of the Bird Collection within the giftware range as of the 1st November.

Introducing the colourful Rallidae to the Royal Crown Derby Bird Collection with its distinctive colours embellished in 22-ct gold.


Click here for Rallidae PDF


The Rallidae, also known as rails, are a large cosmopolitan family of over 100 species of small- to medium-sized ground-living birds. The family exhibits considerable diversity and includes the crakes, coots, and gallinules.

A colourful collection of most widespread birds found almost everywhere, the Rallidae has been designed with modern detail and a brightly-coloured plumage of striking tonal blues embellished in 22 carat gold including its beak to stand out against any of the collectable birds in the Royal Crown Derby Bird Collection.

All ordering information is attached. Please feel free to contact customer service with any further questions.


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